Getting MYCAA Scholarships for School Education – Federal Resume Tips

The topic of education is one of the most important and vital topics in our time. As a part of our previous topic on educational issues in Florida, today we will talk about the federal program called MYCAA. You can find out more about this program and the employment of military spouses here:

If you are a military spouse and you want to know how to go to college for free. Consider this article as your personal federal resume guide for getting educational tips and career advice. Today we’re going to be talking about the MYCAA program with a scholarship for only military spouses. The MYCAA is the military spouse career advancement account scholarship. It’s a program that provides $4000 for tuition assistance for military spouses.

So the way you are eligible for this scholarship:

  • You have to be E1-E5
  • W1-W2 (for Warrant Officer)
  • O1-O2
  • Title 10 orders
  • National Guard (except Coast Guard)

If you are on Title 10 orders or either you’re married to the National Guard you can still apply. The only thing is if you are Coast Guard, you are not eligible for this. But every other branch of service of the Coast Guard is eligible for this as long as you’re within those pay ranks.

So the program provides up to four thousand dollars of financial assistance for military spouses who are continuing their education by pursuing a license certification or an associate’s degree. So if you’re wanting to use this for your bachelor’s degree, but already have your associate’s degree, it will not cover it.

You can also only use the MYCAA grand one time. So if you were to drop out and decided to go back later on, you would have to pay for it, you can’t use the same grant.

Also you can’t go to a school of your choice, but they recommend you going to one of the ones that they have listed on their website. MYCAA website has an entire list of all the schools that accept their grant. You can’t go to any school of your choice, it’s going to be really hard for MYCAA to approve the school and it’s pretty much up to the school to accept your grant. If they want to take it, that can take up to 60 days for them to even improve. If it’s not on the list of school, they just highly suggest that you use one of the school list. Obviously Auburn University or Alabama university is not going to be on there because of the expenses. So you can go and check out what schools they do approve.

Though MYCAA program covers a lot of programs, for your better understanding what they do cover and what kind of programs they offer to cover here are just a few of them:

  • construction
  • education
  • health services
  • Homeland security
  • legal business
  • finance and administration
  • interior decorating
  • journalism
  • cosmetology
  • photography
  • designer and designing

They also cover skilled trades is what they consider. As you see they had that’s just cover a couple of program, they cover a lot the most common ones.

If you have already been to school and you married into the military life and realize that this grants available to you, you cannot pay off your loans with it. And unfortunately that’s not. how it works. If you already been enrolled in something, you can’t use the MYCAA grant to pay off what you’ve already taken.

You can found out about the program through Facebook, there is a ton of Representatives for one of the colleges or that worked with MYCAA.  You can just messaged one of them. You can always see the posts about them and  just never really paid attention to them, because of their ads. But they’re always MYCAA representatives, there is usually at least one person in there that’s a representative for their schools or the MYCAA program.