Faculty and Staff

The Blake School Facilities and Staff

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The Blake School Campus

The Blake School’s two acre campus was designed specifically to provide an attractive setting to support and enhance the general education program. This safe, secure physical environment houses ten thousand square feet of learning facility and allows a generous are landscaped, well-maintained grounds for play and physical education programs.

The Blake School Staff

The leadership, faculty and non-instructional staff of The Blake School each play an important role in the success of the school program. Selected with great care, consideration is given to job-related qualifications, experience and appropriate moral standards. Teaching staff must have valid teaching credentials earned in the primary area of employment responsibility. Preschool and kindergarten teachers must hold Montessori Certification.

Mrs. Hutson started with the Blake School in 1970, but she wasn’t Mrs. Hutson back then. She was Miss Hawthorne. Fresh out of school and full of enthusiasm. She was our very first, First grade teacher. In 1976 she took on the added responsibility of being principal and by 1992 she became the Directress of the Blake School Plantation. 31 years later she continues to work with her first graders with the same enthusiasm, while overseeing the expansion of our program with much success.

Mrs. Padgett also began her career at The Blake School in 1970. For six years she taught in the Montessori preschool classroom. In 1976 she became the best third grade teacher around! And in 1992 she took over as principal. She guides students and teachers alike, with a firm loving hand. The success of her leadership is evident in the success of our students year after year.